Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test

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Veryx PktBlaster SDN Controller Test is industry's first integrated test solution for Benchmarking SDN Controller Performance and Emulating SDN networks in a single box. It runs on a Veryx hardware platform or on suitable commodity servers. This solution consists of two product components that are licensed separately:

  • Network Emulator is capable of emulating thousands of nodes, thereby significantly reducing the dependency on large-scale physical network infrastructure for verifying the functionality of SDN controllers.

  • Performance benchmarking can be used to measure parameters such as latency and throughput by simulating up-to one thousand switches and millions of nodes.

Support for diverse real-world application traffic is available for both the components. Further, the holistic reporting feature of the tool enables detailed analysis of the test results.


  • Real world Network Emulation for SDN and legacy network elements
  • Diverse real-world application traffic emulation
  • Network Path Trace support
  • Network Impairment support
  • Supports OpenFlow (1.0 & 1.3)
  • Programmatic API support for test automation
  • Intuitive and user-friendly GUI
  • Complete Network visibility - Flow and device level statistics for real-time analysis and quick troubleshooting


  • Significant reduction in testing cycle duration
  • Accelerate network applications development
  • Reduce time-to-market of vendor offerings
  • One stop solution for functionality and performance
  • Lower investment on test infrastructure

Promo #1
Promo #1