Pre-installed VM images of SDN Controller Test now available

February 04, 2015

While the promise of SDN is alluring, the SDN community that seeks to deliver and use SDN solutions need to ensure these solutions deliver expected performance in real-world environments. This can be verified through specialized testing methodologies and tools that support SDN-based standards.

Selecting the right test solution is a crucial step in ensuring SDN performance. With the availability of many test tools - public-domain and commercial, user choices are many. However evaluation to determine the right tool could be a time consuming process.

In order to enable faster acceptance of SDN-based solutions in the industry and support the SDN community, Veryx has just released pre-installed VM images of its PktBlaster SDN tool. Veryx PktBlaster SDN controller is an integrated test solution that emulates a real-world SDN network consisting of both the orchestration and network infrastructure layers. Additionally, an earlier version that runs on bare-metal servers is also available.

The pre-installed VM versions of PktBlaster SDN Lite, allow users to get started quickly. The VM images are currently available in two formats namely:

  1. An OVA image of the solution that can be launched using Oracle Virtual Box.
  2. A QCOW2 image of the solution that can be launched using KVM (Virt-Manager).

To download this plug and play version and quickly test SDN controllers visit

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